Offering a robust line of services to meet your personal and business needs

We take the pain out of payroll

We can take over your time-consuming and complex payroll tasks including processing of scheduled payrolls, employee setup, salary changes, payroll filings and W-2s. You will save countless hours when you let us handle your time-consuming payroll tasks.

Rea & Associates offers complete payroll processing. We will customize a system that matches the way you do business. And to ensure the highest possible degree of efficiency and accuracy, you will work with the same team member every time—a person who understands how your company does things.

Choose from our paper or electronic payroll services:

  • Paper checks from your bank account—Just give us your employees’ hours, and we will calculate your payroll, process your checks and create a payroll check register for your records. We will also make your federal and state payroll tax deposits or calculate them so you can do so, as well prepare your quarterly/annual tax returns and W-2s.
  • Paper checks from our trust account—Send us your employees’ hours, and all you do is write one check and pick up your payroll. We take care of the rest! All deposits are made on time, quarterly/annual tax returns, W-2s for employees and government fillings are prepared for your signatures.
  • Electronic service—Simply give us your employees’ hours, and we will process your payroll and have your employees’ checks direct deposited. We will take care of your payroll reports, year-end W-2s, quarterly/annual payroll tax returns, etc. We also make your state and federal payroll deposits. All your records and reports will be available to view and print through our secure website.
  • Employer access—Through our website, you have 24/7 access to all payroll records and reports prepared by our office. With our direct deposit feature, you will no longer need to physically hand out or mail paychecks. W-2s are also available online, again saving you time and money.