raelyn styles

Raelyn Stiles - Bookkeeper

Raelyn joined the Rea & Associates, LLP team in 2019. She’s always loved numbers. Her past experience includes owning a bookkeeping practice, working for a CPA family member, cold calling for a credit card company, and being employed by a Beverly Hills home builder that held its Christmas party at the Beverly Wilshire where “Pretty Woman” was filmed.

Raelyn was born in Paso Robles, Calif., where she lived in the country on 40 acres, about 25 minutes from the beach. Over the years, she participated in ballet, gymnastics, softball, volleyball, and soccer. A bit of a tomboy, she went hunting with her Dad, raised horses, and played with pigs in the pigpen. At age 10, she moved to Tracy, then returned to Paso Robles at age 23, where at least two movies were made: “Arachnophobia” and a Hallmark movie, “Christmas Belle,” with Haylie Duff.

In school, Raelyn was studious and hardworking. She continues to work hard today and is also social, outgoing and makes friends easily. Her greatest passion is being a doting auntie to her 13 nieces and nephews – whom she will do anything for. 

Raelyn thrives on organization. There’s basically nothing on her desk – any papers are labeled and filed, her house is always clean, and she has no junk drawer. Being extremely organized is ingrained into her personality, she says. When she was about 10, her real estate agent grandma used to babysit her. “Mom would drop me off at grandma’s office and I would file all the papers for her clients. She would pay me in candy.” 

Raelyn loves all kinds of music including reggae, rap, country, and rock. She’s been to many, many concerts – maybe hundreds. She enjoys reading fiction – especially cheesy romance novels like “The Notebook,” and she’s seen her all-time favorite movie, “Dirty Dancing,” thousands of times.

High on her list of favorite foods is homemade tacos with meat from a Mexican meat market. And for dessert? A second round of tacos, of course! Or maybe cheese and crackers. 

She loves to see the world. In Alaska, she took a dog-sledding course, went whale watching and viewed glaciers from a helicopter. At a restaurant in the Bahamas, she met the happiest, most positive person she’s ever known in her life: the server. She was from Ireland and although their appearances were as different as night and day, “She was my twin,” Raelyn says. Other trips have included Hawaii, Washington, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, Mexico, and Costa Rica. She’d love to go to Europe, Australia, the Maldives, Bora-Bora, Thailand and Ireland. 

Others would describe Raelyn as highly efficient, dedicated, loyal, organized, caring, respectful, reliable and fun. Her top priorities are accuracy, doing her best and delivering great customer service.

In our busy offices at Rea & Associates, LLP, Raelyn says her coworkers and clients really have become like friends and family. And with her sense of humor and infectious laugh, she’s glad there’s plenty of laughter to go around.